Events & calendar of concerts

Präsentation der Jubiläums-CD «Blüthner Variationen» bei jeder Veranstaltung.
Moderation der Konzerte mit Sibylle Ehrismann, Musikjournalistin

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    Samstag, 7. Dezember, 10.30 h, Bözberg

    XX. Internationale Begegnung der Musik Interpretationskurs mit Maria Luisa Cantos

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    Dienstag, 12. November, 19 h, Musik-Akademie Basel

    «Interpretationsforum» Hochschule für Musik (FHNW) Leonhardstrasse 6, 4009 Basel, Raum 6-301
    Spanische Klaviermusik mit Maria Luisa Cantos

    Klicken Sie auf den Link —> in der Agenda der Musik-Akademie Basel finden Sie das Konzert.
    Gehen Sie dazu im Kalender auf das Datum 12.11.2019

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    Donnerstag, 17. Oktober, 19 h, Universität Zürich

    Aula «Alte Kantonsschule», Rämistr. 59, 8001 Zürich Festlicher Jubiläumsanlass «40 Jahre SMES», Apéro Mit Star-Gitarrist Pepe Romero und Maria Luisa Cantos, Klavier Fest-Ansprache von Prof. Dr. Laurenz Lütteken

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    Sonntag, 15. September, 17 h, Kirche Bözberg

    Verein «Pro-Bözberg», Apéro Konzert an zwei Flügeln mit Maria Luisa Cantos und Amri Alhambra
    Werke von Wolfgang A. Mozart, Claude Debussy, Julien-François Zbinden, Salvador Brotons (UA)

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    Sonntag, 26. Mai, 17 h, Gartensaal Villa Boveri Baden

    Konzertreihe Marina Korendfeld Maria Luisa Cantos, Klavier
    Werke von Alexander Scriabin, Claude Debussy, Julien-François Zbinden

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    Samstag, 18. Mai, 19 h, Stadtkirche Brugg

    Konzert an zwei Flügeln mit Maria Luisa Cantos und Amri Alhambra
    Werke von Wolfgang A. Mozart, Claude Debussy, Julien-François Zbinden, Salvador Brotons (UA)

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    Samstag, 2. März, 10.30 h, Bözberg

    XIX Internationale Begegnung der Musik Interpretationskurs mit Maria Luisa Cantos


Projects and Events organized by Maria Luisa Cantos

  • Concert on two Grand Piano - Kirche Bözberg

    Piano Concert with Maria Luisa Cantos and Amri Alhambra - Special Event in the Church of Kirchbözberg

    The society PRO BÖZBERG organizes a very special concert in the Church of Bözberg with two Grand Pianos. The pianists are Maria Luisa Cantos and Amri Alhambra. The society had already organized such a concert with the same constellation in spring 2015. It was a great success that the organisators decided to repeat this special event with two Grand Piano (Steinway & Sons) in June, 2017. We have the honor to announce this special Piano Concert in Kirchbözberg which will take place on

    Saturday, 3rd June, 2017, 17:00 hours, in Bözberg (Kirche Bözberg).

    For any further information and program click here —> Program of the Piano Concert in Bözberg

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    XI. International Meeting of Music, Bözberg - special guest cembalist Diego Ares

    Again a great Master class in Bözberg has taken place the first weekend of March, 2017 and was dedicated to the old Spanish baroque music. As special guest was the Spanish cembalist, Diego Ares, who owns a great replica of Antonio Soler’s cembalo at the time. He installed and played the instrument in Bözberg and the participants were just impressed. Diego Ares became famous in 2015 as he first released a CD recording with all 29 unknown sonatas of cembalo of Padre Antonio Soler. The original music sheets were found occasionally in the Morgan Library of New York  – see all the pictures on the website of Musica Española.


Projects and Events organized by Maria Luisa Cantos

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    L'Ambassade d'Espagne présente Maria Luisa Cantos à Berne, 1.12.2016, 18:30 heures ...

    .. à l’Eglise française réformée – Predigergasse 3 – 3011 Berne.
    She plays pieces of Enrique Granados. See more information regarding the program here

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    Maria Luisa Cantos started a long-term collaboration with MDG Records

    With the first recording at MDG (Music Production Dabringhaus and Grimm) has Maria Luisa set a pace in a long-term collaboration to record several Audio CDs exclusively of famous not always very known Spanish composers. She began with a grandios melodic and romantic composer: Enrique Grandados. Read more on her first trip to Marienmünster in Germany. The first audio CD of Granados will be released in the beginning of 2017.

  • Piano recital in Vaduz

    Piano Recital at the Rathaus of Vaduz

    Great Piano recital at the Rathaus of Vaduz, Liechtenstein, organized by the Spanish General Consulate, Zurich. in presence of autorities of the Spanish Embassy, Berne, Embassy Counsel of Culture, Mrs. Silvia Cosano Nuño, Spanish Vice Counsel honorable of Liechtenstein, Mr. Dr. jur. Markus N. Kolzoff, and also other autorities. See some impressions on MediaPhoto AlbumPiano recital in Vaduz 2016.

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    Special Moments with Salvador Brotons

    Amazing Master class and following concert dedicated to young musicians and just a sample of the amazing music composed by Salvador Brotons. Thank you Maria Luisa Cantos for your talent, your passion and endless dedication to Spanish music – see all the pictures on the website of Musica Española.

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    In September will the Master class take place in Bözberg, at the Swiss Spanish Music Foundation. After the class Maria Luisa will play a small recital and public persons are also warm welcome. The definite programm will be announced prior event. See also the invitation and program on the website of the Foundation:

    The well-known Spanish conductor and composer, Salvador Brotons, will be special guest at the September meeting of the Master class. So stay tuned – it is a great honor for Musica Española to welcome Salvador Brotons at the Foundation of Musica Española in Bözberg, the 3rd of September, 2016 – from 10:30 hours to approx. 15:30 hours.

    See here the announcement on


Piano Recital and CD Release in Barcelona

The last CD release was in December, 2015, in Barcelona. It was recorded in the location of Hotel Santa Marta on Lloret, Spain, on their grand piano “Blüthner”. It’s a Homage to Ricard Lamote de Grignon and Joaquín Nin-Culmell to whom she cultivated a very special and personal friendship.


Two years earlier

The Master classes are established again. A lot of music enthusiast travel to Bözberg to attend this well-occupied classes. After the classes perform the attendees what they have learned in the session or there is a special programm. So please stay tuned and visit our website regularly for the last updates. Thank you so much for your passion and interest – it’s greatly appreciated!

The purpose of the Master classes

The Master classes impart deep musical knowledge with the possibility to exercise, to share experience and ideas with other music experts and to socialize with the attendees.